Thursday, March 03, 2005

"The Night Before I Died"

The night before I died...
There were still a million things
left to be done
My work was in a constant state of incompleteness
My bank account had more money
than I could spend in a day
My gym membership was overdue
My novel finally had a title
but I still couldn't decide on
what story to tell

The night before I died...
I stayed up all night
Just thinking
The possibilities of a different life
Could I have been more brash in behavior
Or less indulgent with hiding?

The night before I died...
I hadn't clung to the lips of a girl
She had visited me countless times at night
But her face kept changing each time
I named her my "Porcelain Doll"
because I was "Tin Soldier"
I loved my Porcelain Doll with all my heart

The night before I died...
I was playing "All The Things You Are"
My Porcelain Doll and I were gliding
on the pool of my mind
We rested from our gliding and took a walk
She said to me,
"Finally come tomorrow,
morning will never again interrupt us."
She was referring to my promise to her
granted the day I died.



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