Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Of man's ideals

It's funny that even as you realize that there can be no complete truth and totally satisfying answer in man's offers, whatever they be, you go around courting men's ideas of the perfect or best way to live as though even partly acceptable or close enough philosophies will do. Maybe worse still, you court such ideas as though with hope that by virtue of the search itself, you could somehow construct from the ground up a Tower of Babel personalized to fit your current standards of habitation.

You fancied today that it might not be fair to demand an answer to a question of such a scope as great as eternity from mere men, most of whom offer to solve problems which are only common before the curtains of eternity. But these men are not totally blameless, for their crime lies in reducing a man's appetite for transcendence to a self-portrait of success framed by self-motivated and self-directed drives. They might not be guilty of the charge of false advertisement, but they are certainly guilty of being entirely enthusiastic and passionate about their solution, to the point where it became their salvation. This crime could not have been committed without an accomplice in you, who aided in the crime done to yourself by entertaining the thought of your God granting your selfish petition in the form of their ideals.