Tuesday, May 29, 2007


A repository of what I've written over five years...



Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Wait Another Day"

Wait another day,
Your heart can bear the weight;
Wait another lonely day,
You don’t have to mark the date
Of your love departing,
Days in the sun are returning -
They miss you just as much,
And the way sand and skin touch.

Wait another day,
There’s no need to cry;
Wait another rainy day,
You’ll soon hang your tears out to dry,
And your Gene Kelly shoes
Will bring back those steps you loosed
On that fateful day by the Seine -
If ever there’s more to give, you can.

But don’t wait another moment
To break free from the torment
That imprisons your smiles -
People queue up for them for miles;
Don’t wait another minute
To live again, if you mean it,
But then waiting really is a virtue -
Why, it leads me to you!


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"Are You Just A Face"

Are you just a face
that beseeched my desires?
they were aching to find
a land among empires
where milk and honey flow
through souls wearied and hollow

Or are you something more
than the face I adore?
holding out a wavering beacon
high up in your abandoned fort
when no homing ship can be sighted
out in the darkening port

My yearnings grew muscles
when I saw you by the ray;
I meant to seize the castle,
but why did I wait another day?
until my strength was spent
before any could be lent!

Can a fair and beckoning lady
give a man his might
or does his strength come
from elsewhere,
teaching him how to fight?
This much I know is true:
The tower must fall for you.