Sunday, March 13, 2005

First time. Found. Set free.

Strange thing that He'd be standing in the middle of the room and still no one would take a second look at Him, including those who claim to know and adore Him. They would talk animatedly about His charity and His credentials. But they wouldn't look at Him. Stranger even that He never took His eyes off of you even as you missed Him and joined in the small talks.

Now you're parting the crowd to get to Him - and how it fans and flares along your way to compete for your single-minded attention. You can see it even as you lace through the beleaguerers. . .

That look. . . The glares in His eyes. . . Quiet, intense, inviting.

First time. You're walking to Freedom - that's what some call Him though not many knows what that means. Otherwise they would have stopped chatting and jumped on Him.

"Joy, Joy, Joy, tears of joy. . ."

Found. No more searching.

"So if the Son sets you free. . ."

Free indeed.


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