Tuesday, April 24, 2007

That face

Allow me to exercise my chauvinistic criticism as I recount an observation made of the opposite sex. I've seen enough women to have yet met before today an equal in both beauty and grace. Almost all young women in Melbourne have a composure and manner of speech that could use some—some a lot more—ripening. It might be the water they drink from the community well, but you could recognize most Melburnian girls by their signature high-pitched tones and the word "like" littered all over their short and trawling sentences.

But finally a woman befitting the title! The woman in the suit store (let's call her Stella) was relatively formal under the circumstances and yet the soft texture of her voice immediately distinguished her in a crowd. Stella's face was a warm rendition of Athena's sculpture inevitably caught in the epitome of feminine allure. It was as if time had stopped on her face since eternal past, while the radiance of her smile confirmed the rumors of angelic visitation. If I had the courage I would have brought to her attention the fact that she has a face that inspires songs.

She didn't know, but Stella brought songs into my head and birds and bees to boost.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Pre-launching my other blog

So far it's only the first sketch of an escape plan and much detail has yet to be filled in. But in all its unripeness I give you...


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