Monday, January 01, 2007

Resolutions 2007

It's one of those times again--to review past year's resolutions and make new ones. For someone who's only started making new year's resolutions, I'm pretty glad that I've achieved about half of 2006's resolutions. I'm now the proud sponsor of not 1, not 2, but 3 children in Tanzania and Colombia with the support and encouragement of closed ones. However I missed the opportunity to fulfill resolution 2, which is to visit prison inmates, due to two major relocations in 2006. And as far as advocating for truth goes, I still need a lot more work as well as courage to achieve.

A recap of some personal highlights in 2006:

Sponsored Hamisi from Tanzania in January.

Visited Hong Kong and Shenzhen in February.

Sponsored Daniel and Maycol from Colombia in February.

Left a two-year career in pharmaceuticals in March.

Moved to Australia in April.

Relocated to Melbourne in August.

Found a perfect nest in the city fringe in August.

Found a new job in October.

A long-standing dream was shattered in October.

Got a new speaker for my birthday in November.

Fell in love with Mini Cooper in November.

Found and read David Mamet's True and False in December.

Had Christmas Eve dinner with Aaron & Grace at our own house.

Got a webcam and a wireless keyboard as my Christmas presents.

Watched New Year's Eve fireworks by the Yarra with my mates.

All in all, a good year. Now on to 2007's resolutions:
  1. Continue to support Hamisi, Daniel, and Maycol throughout 2007.
  2. Start a novel.
  3. Go to an undetermined destination for a week.

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