Sunday, February 20, 2005

A writing to B (II)

Dear B,

I was desperate all day after talking to you on the phone. I wanted to know God like you now know Him. I avoided the issue all day until I finally faced up to it. I started asking Him, "Do you really love me?" And in return He asked me a question loud as thunder, "Would you willingly stop fighting for [C] even if I won't let you?"

It was a ridiculous question. Totally unfair. I refused to answer Him but He knew what was coming next. He broke me again. He continued, "If you, being you, would stop at nothing to win a girl's heart - a girl you can't even say in all honesty that you have it in you to love, do you think I would stop loving you even if I try?"

How amazing! And you're right, nothing I do or fail to do will ever stop Him from loving me and wanting to give me His best. At least I know that's what I'm prepared to do for C (whether or not I'll have the opportunity to do it is beside the point). But God's love for me is far stronger than mine for C. And I thought mine was strong enough.

I can't say I get it now. I have yet to glorify Him for His love for me and His readiness to give me His best as soon as I let Him. Please pray for me and wait for my next mail, I'll soon be able to tell.

Yours gratefully,


Blogger 苇芯 said...

never ever doubt of God's love for us, coz he will never forsaken us whatever circumstance it would be. HE will always be there for us. i suppose only God has a right to doubt of our's love to him coz we seem to have inconsistent close relationship with HIM.

February 21, 2005 5:02 PM  

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