Friday, January 14, 2005

Prayers: a delayed observation

Remember your petition to the King:
"That I be made into a man deserving of an occasion to fight for her and spend all that can be offered of myself for her; but above all, that her deepermost desires be met not by any man's pursuit of her, however valiant or determined, but rather by coming into Your presence through Your Son and learning from Him of Your own desire to fulfill every longing of her heart as only You are able to do."
Though He could have given you no evidence of your petition being taken into serious consideration and tested you thus, He has left you with no good reason for doubts by revealing to you that the more important part of the petition - her coming into His presence - is already underway. He is granting your petition exactly as you prioritized it! So where is the grounds for expecting the reverse? What's more, where is the grounds for falsely believing that the request, phrased and intended in that manner, was a self-centered submission and therefore should not be attained? The Master's action has spoken thunderously to show otherwise.

Expect to have the rest of your request duly addressed towards the end. It cannot be that far ahead when the beginning has already begun.


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