Sunday, January 23, 2005

"I See You"

I see you
tears withheld
hopes clenched
As you await the verdict of your trial
I see you as who you are
The day you escaped the world

Then you retreat to being someone else
as soon as you have verdict in your favor
If only you knew that I see you--
Though you escaped the world--
How then would your soul be glad
that its beauty at last is known

Yet I see you
So will I fight for you
Though it exhausts all that's in me to offer
I will fight for you notwithstanding
Because the reward of you
finally seeing yourself as I do
would be far greater than the torture of
a million deaths to claim it

Chase after your false lovers
I will in time conquer them--
Because the groom has seen his bride
The day you escaped the world.



Blogger *adelaine said...

u have gotten better and better.... ;)

January 24, 2005 1:29 AM  
Blogger Tin Soldier said...

More and more desperate the way I see it. But poeticizing it never felt so liberating, if vulnerable.

January 24, 2005 3:12 AM  

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