Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Shopping for a gift

You were looking for a gift. A book. You doubted if you would find anything suitable. So you prayed. You prayed that He would show you something if that something was in the shop - something He would want to send her as a gift Himself.

You looked through every shelf top, middle and bottom. You didn't want to impress her with anything by anyone that by any chance writes a smooth-flowing prose that would hopefully engage her. It had to be something you believe in. By the time you were almost done you thought your gift wasn't forthcoming.

You almost gave up and walked out when a sight reeled you back in. Tucked away there on the lowermost shelf in the inner quarter of the shop, hidden behind and stacked under other books...

You found it.

Your prayer' s been answered. You knew that by the quiver you felt holding the book.

So this is the book He'd send her. And again you got to praying... You prayed that the gift would reach her hands.


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