Friday, November 26, 2004

Don't want to be nice

Everyone thinks you're nice...



even good.

They are not just being polite. You can't help but think that they just might be right. But you never aspired to be such things. You wanted to be -



Wild!... like Him.

"Have I got what it takes?" that's the question you're asking. That's the question every man asks. Everything you've ever done - every risk you've ever taken - was done with the intention to have an answer.

You long for the day when you know your God-like strength, courage, and wildness. To be called a warrior as He was known to the Israelites by the Red Sea. To stand up for something and fight to your last breath. Tell a man anything else, you kill the man.

You haven't found your answer. That's why you're still nice, friendly, and kind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very profound thought,Vic or should I call you Tin soldier here.:-)

I believe you are right.I guess that's why most managers are bold, and in a way,strong.They are better grounded in life than the people working under him/her because he's worked his way up and knows exatly what he wants in life.This is a bad example,though.I think I work too long hours.

Maybe to some of us,the answer we are looking for is already right in front of us.Our God-like strength is after all,being nice ,friendly and kind.I know that for a fact because that... is your strength,Tin Soldier.And that,makes you no less stronger than anyone.


November 26, 2004 1:04 PM  
Blogger *adelaine said...

exceptional people (or beings in this case) are what they are exceptional.. it's overated anyway all this hype about being special and leading.. if every1 is the queen bee, there's no worker bees to bring in the honey..oui? ur already the darnest nice, brainy guy a block away- that counts as being special!

December 04, 2004 9:08 AM  

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