Saturday, July 04, 2009

On the courage to act

In the span of a normal week we find enough opportunities to be brave. But more often than not we do not step up to the plate and live out the courage that we believe is hidden in us. The things that we know to be right are the hardest to perform because we believe they are the exact same things that would bring about our downfall if we fail the test.

The moment we look out from our threshold of choice into the largely uncaring world, what we care about suddenly takes on a bright significance and trembles us to the bones. We know we are about to take a stand, to walk onstage, into the spotlight and say the line that would proclaim who we are to the onlookers of our life's drama, if unconcerned. Suddenly death doesn't seem like a bad alternative. But since the mention of death in this case is really just a melodramatic whinge with no real relevance, we withdraw to fight another day.

But then order is not yet restored by our failure to act. If this is something we genuinely care about, the pressure would only escalate until we head-on deal with it. Now here comes the question: How do you know if you are prepared for the bravest moments of your life?

You can't. So I was told. No one knows if they are brave until they have been brave. "Act first to deserve the good opinion of yourself." There is no secret in being brave, you just do it despite your fear, doubt, worry, reservations and all that. Act, and then you can tell yourself if you're brave.

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Blogger adelaine said...

i completely agree.. bravery is not just doing great things.. but can also be found in taking small painful steps of doing something you know is right!

July 23, 2009 9:32 PM  

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