Saturday, June 13, 2009

What is this thing called inspiration?

Inspiration is a funny date. She never promises to turn up each time you ask her out. But neither has she ever turned you down. All she does is smile. Yes. Smile. So that you know your invitation is a move in the right direction. But whether or not she decides to show up is something you'll have to find out when the time comes. Put on your tux and chill the best champagne in the house. You might suit up for nothing but when she does make an entrance you know you're in for a very special evening.

She might have a good reason for being uppity or she might not. But if you've ever spent an evening with her you know she's worth the wait. She didn't show up tonight though. Instead she left a note that reads,

"I didn't know we're an item. Words get around that you're a new man with me in your life. Explain."

I can't. How do you explain rumours about yourself? Did people pick up something different about me since I first pursued her? If there is any truth in the stories then they must have...

"Dear Inspiration,

As much as I welcome the idea, no, we are not an item. At least not as you would have it. Do not believe everything you hear through the grapevine. Then again I can see how the buzz might have got around. You see, despite the scant number of times you appear at our rendez-vous, asking you out everyday has inadvertently changed me. Please forgive my saying so, but the magic I have been trying to seize from your company has fallen on my doorsteps just from trying. I myself have heard something of the sort since you brought this to my attention. Some say I'm bolder, more extempore. The truth of which I can validate, for nothing trains a man's boldness and extemporaneousness more ruthlessly than courting you..."

Having known this Inspiration might never find me again. Or being the funny thing she is, one day out of the blue I might see her again.



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