Saturday, June 20, 2009

"A Little Lullaby"

I guess this is all there is to it:

Little star, little star,
How you twinkle near and far.
Have you ever wondered why
Time goes by, time goes by?

Sing along, sing my song
As you twinkle all night long.
Till I wake to sail the deep,
Time to sleep, time to sleep.

Little boy, little boy,
Though you're like a rusty toy,
The time has come when you may
Sail away, sail away.

Fight for love, all for love,
Voyage to that distant cove.
Lest you're lulled by mermaids' cry,
Sail on by, sail on by!

Little girl, little girl,
Dry your tears now, precious pearl.
Though you're let down by your fate,
Love will wait, love will wait.

Guard your heart, search your soul,
What was once part will be whole
When you see his triumphant sails—
Love prevails, love prevails!

Little boat, little boat,
In a sea of woe you float.
Time stands still as you wonder:
Home yonder, home yonder?

Surrender all, abandon all,
Journey to your port of call.
Led by a secret from eternity past—
Home at last, home at last!

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