Thursday, July 24, 2008

Story of my life (crescendo)

This has got to be the strangest thing that has happened to me in years. Recently I noticed I've recovered some of the things I stopped doing or experiencing.

I was done with it a long time ago but lately I began to search the vast blue sky and exhale lento. What was that! The last time I did that I still had a whole heart to rend on the altar of life...

And I began to be afraid again. Really afraid. Suddenly there's something in life that I'm afraid I might lose...

But strangest of all, I've totally detached myself from all the past grievances that I ever visited... I stepped out the door one day only to hear birdsongs and feel the sun's warmth on my face.

I found the source of my newfound joy in the most unusual place. I want to let the world know the reason I'm happy but for now I'm content that my reason already knows.



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