Saturday, October 23, 2004

Some REM-sleep (Reprise)

Sometimes your dreams are so big they scare you. And you don't dare to think about it so much. Other times you only wish they could really come true, so you could stop thinking about it eventually.

But you're lying.

The only reason the dreams should come true is so that they would stop scaring you.

After all weak people get scared. And weaker people get scared often.

Weak people need dreams, whether or not they believe those dreams would come true. Weaker people need big dreams. That's their only hope of overcoming what scares them ever so often.

There are all sorts of things that scare...


Mostly loneliness.

Even weakness sometimes. The kind of weakness that keeps you lonely and scared. The kind that can only be defeated by big dreams, which could scare you even more given enough time.

Yet it's a different kind of scare.

The kind that you're scared by because it's too big and you're too weak to have anything to do with it. And once in a while it's the same kind of dreams that makes you brave and for once feel like you're living...

A better kind...

And scarier.


Blogger *adelaine said...

companionship is one of the greatest paradox in life.. everyone is afraid of being lonely but they are either:
1. cant get along with others
2. cant find the perfect fit
3. need personal space
4. frighten of commitment
but rest assure, i'll always be there for u ;)

for there is nuthing to fear but fear itself...

October 24, 2004 10:45 PM  

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