Saturday, October 23, 2004

One of the things to know her by

You see a mother grabs her daughter's arm walking down the street like she would hold a dirty laundry.

You cannot imagine that she loves her daughter the way daughters ought to be loved. You want to think that somehow she loves herself more. Such a mother shouldn't ever become one!

Your mother always held your hand walking down the street. You even held hands when you were still not too embarrassed to share a bed with her.

A mother ought to love her children and never stop loving them. Even when she's stopped loving herself. She ought to put them before herself and be willing to die in their place if she had to.

You knew that day that's the kind of mother she would be if she ever have children. You didn't see it coming. But ever since then you never stopped wishing that she'll one day be your children's mother if you ever have children. You try not to picture her playing with them against a backyard you haven't yet owned. Hell - most of the time you even try not to picture her at all!

That day the picture of your children's mother jumped off the page and scared the living daylights out of you.


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