Thursday, January 22, 2004

Descendants of Atlantis

Granny called this morning and told mum that Aunt K and Uncle F just had a fight over Uncle F's affair with a younger woman who works in his shop. Uncle F has just closed down one of his two shops after failing to settle his business debts that went out of hand. He sold one of his two cars and both my Uncle Q and Uncle J who had worked for him for years had to be laid off after Uncle F ended his business. This morning Uncle F was planning to bring the woman home for new year's eve dinner with the family. Naturally Aunt K called granny and cried over the phone at his decision.

On the way to granny's house tonight you felt a serious loss of heart as the topic was brought up again in mum and dad's conversation. Aunt K and Uncle F have been peacefully married (at least it seemed like it) for more than twenty years, but that didn't stop something like this from happening. One misstep seems to be all it takes to ruin a happy marriage. Your concern was what this family tragedy would do to the kids. What do children have to defend themselves from the odds that are so cunningly set up against them? How do we convince ourselves that the misfortune that befell our parents won't befall us?

You think Uncle F is setting himself up for a harder fall as he greets the affair head on. Funny you couldn't help but relate his unfolding calamity to yourself. Outwardly you and Uncle F are two completely distinct sorts. Your age bracket, marital status, life experience, temperament, particular likes and dislikes. But there is something inescapable that the both of you - in fact every man - share... The masculine heart.

Though we never found it.


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