Sunday, July 10, 2005

A writing to B on stuck-ups

Dear B,

There's so much bridging work to do between my acquired knowledge and my will. They've never been on friendly terms it seems. Nothing beats me more than this. But my first reaction would not be to go to the Bridge, but to build a bridge of my own. To know Christ as who He really is I need to study His Word and spend more time praying, which I'm not doing. Today my family and I were cruising in my dad's car and my mum was giving my brother advice on housing. She has said the same things to me before in private and it hit me today that, regardless of the topic, my brother's reactions to her and mine are never the same. I always knew that, though she could be "overly informative" at times, my mum does what she does because she loves us. Because of that she can talk to me about anything she wants. On the other hand my brother just can't seems to find the time nor the patience to sit through the same stuff from her. He would often react to her in the most off-putting way he knows how just to get her off whatever subject she's on. In essence she wants the best things for the both of us but we just don't see it the same way. And I think that's what I'm like with God the way my brother is with my mum. I don't want to spend enough time with Him to know how much He loves me.

Is there hope for my brother to see my mum's love for him as it is? And by the same token is there hope for me to want to know God enough to pursue Him? On both occasions I hope there is.

Till I hear from you again telling me all about it, God bless you.


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